About Jaymie

I’m 26 years old and I work a full-time human resources government job. I love my city and I love food and I probably developed an addiction to coffee when I was at my university. I live in San Diego and I guess what I’m trying to avoid here is saying straight up that … I’m a Christian. Cause I am, but I don’t want to say “But I’m not one of THOSE Christians” in an attempt to make you not run away from me as fast as you can. But I guess if you click on this page, you’ve already clicked on one of my posts. My belief in a higher power with a particular name is evident.

So what’s my deal? What do people even want to know?

I believe in justice. I believe in protecting people who have been hurt. I believe that’s what love looks like. I believe it’s what Jesus looks like. I believe that we shouldn’t exclude people at the table of Christ. Those are some funky words, but all I mean is that I believe in sitting down and eating a meal with literally anyone who has ever been hurt by the church. I believe in the power of individual stories and I believe in being super loud. I believe in listening and I believe that love means shit if you’re not willing to listen first. People, people, people. The rest is in the details.

You can contact me via email jaymiehorak@gmail.com


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