Dreams, Degrees, Loans: The Narrative

PicCollageEvery child dreams.

There’s no debating that. Some dreams are vastly different from others. Some dream of college. Some dream of escaping their current life. Some dream to be doctors and professional baseball players and more. Many times, these dreams are a direct influence of a parent or teacher.

Growing up, I always decided I wanted to be what people would tell me. Seriously – after being assigned a tailor position as a first grader, I wanted to be a tailor for like a year. My mom was pretty worried about that one. But truth of the matter is, I get massive anxiety trying to thread a needle. So I moved on to… being a teacher. Duh.

The first time I remember dreaming about wanting to do something without my mom or teacher telling me what to do was at Camp Marston. It was encouraged, yes, and the camp counselors explained how we could come back when we were older and be a Leader in Training. We were on a hike and I remember thinking, “I want to come back the first year I can and do this.”

But times changed and I didn’t want to even attempt it; who could give up an entire summer with friends for that? Read More »


A Nice Big Christian School

I often do not feel like I can be the Christian I sometimes desire to be while attending a Christian school. A friend of mine goes to a (very, very different) Christian school as well and he wrote a poem with these lines:

“It’s funny, but at Bible school
it’s not cool to love God.
So it’s easy, I guess,
to hide underneath
the mask and the manners of mere belief.” Read More »