Twenty-Five List

The Finished List:

1)    read whole bible
2)    mission trip (2012)
3)    watch sunrise
4)    learn to ski
5)    go to vegas/gamble (summer 2014)
6)    graduate college (May 3, 2014)
7)    go a week without technology (mission trip doesn’t count for this)
8)    meet shane dawson!
With a lack of desire to make this happen, I will change this into one semi-famous person that I really like. (Jesse McCartney Sept 2013)
9)    complete a nanowrimo
10)   go on a road trip with at least three states (summer 2011 – CA, OR, WA)
11)   watch all of “lord of the rings”
12)   go water skiing
13)   donate blood (a fear of mine) (Summer 2013)
14)   learn to ride a longboard (skateboard)
15)   raise or give $1,000 to human trafficking funds (160/1000)
16)   take a tennis class
17)   learn to ride a horse
18)   visit “Salvation Mountain”
19)   ride a roller coaster at Mall of America in Minnesota.
20)   write letters to four people who inspire me : Let them know how much they inspire(d) me. (partly done)
21)   go to a random town and stay there for a day or two, pretending to have a different backstory.
22)   go on a picnic with a boy. haha. and by boy i mean young man.
23)   watch IMDb’s top 100 movies (13/100)
24)   read all of Narnia
25)   laugh so hard I cry (4/3/11)

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