Coffee Shop Dilemma: Intro to a Stuttering Story

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Stuttering Story

You’re standing in line at your favorite coffee shop, but it isn’t your usual barista at the register. There are three people in front of you in line; this means that after those three fluent speakers recite their order and name, it will be your turn. You know your order because you order it every single day. You know your name; you’ve been saying it for the last twenty-four years. But you’re still anxiously awaiting your turn to communicate; you’re still wishing that there was some non-verbal way to get your daily required coffee and move on. The back of your neck tightens in some weird anxiety prepration way that you can’t get to stop.

You know. The usual.

Your turn now. “Good morning! How can I help you?” the smiling barista asks. You feel a pinch of comfort; she looks kind.

“Good morning. I’ll have a grande iced caramel…

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