Making Your Own 10 Commandments

According to my Good Earth Vanilla Chai Tea teabag (yum), Abraham Lincoln once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing”.

On that note, I would like to take you back to me about a year ago. I bought the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. I had been reading her blog for over two years so I could only count it as fair that I would buy her book when it came out in softcover. Rubin talks about having her own 10 Personal Commandments, which you can find on her blog. After a lot of thought, prayer and review of my own life, I came up with 10.

Since this was a year ago, I decided I go back and see if I have succeeded in them or not. I hope I have, as some have become little mottos for me. They still continue to be what is important to me. Before I do that another day, I will write them all out. (And probably put them on my blog) and will explain. I wrote these on my notes on FaceBook I think but that site is getting so confusing that it is better off here.

Jaymie’s 10 Personal Commandments

  1. Be fearless but not careless. Or be able to step out in faith without being stupid.
  2. Make time for inspiration. I love to write. Love it. And I am good at it usually. But how can I write if I am never inspired? I love to write poetry also. This includes journal time or alone time.
  3. Keep moving. I get stuck in ruts a lot. I have many days where I do not want to get out of bed. This also includes fitness. I sit around a ton when I could be up doing something. Or when I start to work out I  stop quickly and take too many “breaks”.
  4. Be zealous. Have passion and show it. Go out on a limb for God or something He has called me to.
  5. Let desires become prayers. Based off of one of my favorite things my pastor has said. When we become closer to God, our desires become His desires, our prayers become what He wants for our life. So if I let my desires become things that I offer God on a daily basis, my hope would be that my desires will align with His.
  6. Act. Too often I do nothing. A very simple one with a lot of punch.
  7. Have purpose. My friend Danielle once told me that she always makes sure she has purpose in what she does. She doesn’t just say whatever she feels like or does whatever people tell her too. I realized I tended to lack purpose in what I said or did, which cause way to gossip, wasting time, etc.
  8. Remember the good. Often when I am asked to recount my past, I cover all the bad without mentioning all the wonderful blessings God has poured out into my life. This causes me to be irritated with God for making my life difficult when in reality it is not a fair accusation.
  9. Be pure. Or, have pure intentions in what I do.
  10. He is stronger. Hold onto the fact that no matter what I do with all the other 9 commandments or what happens to me, God is stronger than all of it/any of it. God is stronger and no life situation, no sin, no anything can overwhelm God.
Do you think this is a good idea or offensive (who knows, maybe someone thinks redoing the Bible’s commandments – which I am NOT doing – is wrong)?
What would be some of your commandments? Each person is different and has different needs. I looked through the comments of Rubin’s blog post to create my own list because hers were not mine.
Remember if you write commandments of your own to keep them short. I tried to keep each one under four words (exception being the first, but since one of the words was “but” I let it slide.

3 thoughts on “Making Your Own 10 Commandments

  1. I don’t think it’s offensive to write your own commandments. It isn’t like you’re writing your commandments to replace God’s commandments. They’re in-addition-to, not instead-of. They’re personal commandments, and God’s over-arching commandments still stand.

  2. I LOVE your Commandments!
    Relating to #7, a little poster I have in my room at school:
    Is it

    T H I N K


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