How to Accept Differences in Others

Step one:

Start with yourself. Here is my most recent diary entry with minor edits for privacy of others.

When I was told last year that God needed to teach me how to be myself, I thought it was wise. It was, too. But I did not totally understand what that person meant. I knew that too and also knew I would learn it sooner or later.

This year I am not at Azusa Pacific has been a time for me to “discover” myself, so to speak, which is not what I intended. It is bizarre. The whole “college kid taking a year off to find herself” actually happened – though to be fair I stayed in a community college half the time and am spending the other half in a third world country.

But here it is:

I am different.

I am not a Proverbs 31 woman.

I am not a perfect Christian girl like my some of the girls at my church, like Callie or Serena or Delaine or Jana (yes, I do often feel you are perfect, shhh).

I get really, really loud. I like to dance awkward for the sake of making other people feel awkward. I cannot sing… but I do it anyway. I am so quick to begin a political or theological debate. I love to shut myself off for an entire day and read, ignoring everyone. I LOVE to rock out on concerts until I can hardly breathe (though I rarely get the chance). The big one: I voice my opinion, loudly and often.

And you know what? I love all these things. They are not flaws, especially not in and of themselves. It is me. And the world needs a person like me. That’s why God made me this way.

I will never be like some girls I know, who seem to have that perfect blend of a quiet spirit and timidity mixed with fun. And I am happy with that.

I love me. I love who I am. I love who God made me. I love my body. I love my personality. I love my faith in God.

Maybe one day, there will be a man who loves all my quirks too. He will smile at me when he realizes someone just prompted me for a debate – maybe he will even be the type that joins in, who knows? All I know is that he will not complain that I am not a standard, boxed set Christian girl – one that honestly does not even exist. He will be shocked that he is lucky enough to have me.

And if I never met a man like that? Then I’ll keep being the me that God made me. Because I will not change to get someone who will never fully love me for me. I will keep pressing on towards the goal of Jesus Christ.

One day, people WILL know my name. And I will not be ashamed. I will point all glory, all honor and all mercy to Christ, so the whole world knows.

And I will be exactly who Christ created me to be. Loved, worthy, perfected in Christ alone.


6 thoughts on “How to Accept Differences in Others

  1. Jaymie! This is beautiful and so are YOU! Inside and out. I think of you often and pray for you while in Nigeria. You are changed and being perfected step by step. None of us will get there until that day when we see Jesus face to face. Just hopefully we are taking baby steps a little closer everyday. Love you!

  2. This is so good, Jaymie. Absolutely wonderful. I am very excited that you’re going through this! Ahh! I cannot describe how happy I am for you! :) But p.s. don’t compare yourself to me, I am the furthest from “a perfect Christian girl”. hahaha Take care, I love you. God bless! :)

  3. Jaymie!!! You brought tears to my eyes reading this because this is how I see you and I have been hoping and praying for a long time that you would come to see yourself as the beautiful woman you are! I miss you so much and I LOVE YOU!!!!


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