Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Opinion – Help Me??

Everything reported on an income statement represents the past. No subsequent transactions can change that history. What was earned was earned; what was spent was spent. Now, the balance sheet, on the other hand, reports the assets and liabilities of an entity as of a specific point in time…
When you develop a balance sheet mind-set, you understand your situation can change without regard to the reality of your past…
The insecure person is so focused on his liabilities or shortcomings that he has not developed an appreciation for the attributes of qualities he possesses.

– Supreme Confidence by Deborah Smith Pegues

The end of this chapter wants me to make a list of my strengths and weaknesses. I am so nervous because I cannot think of very many strengths. If you know me, I would really really like if it you commented on here and told me how honest my assessment is. Please?

Strengths/Weaknesses Assessment for Jaymie

Prayerfully considers choices throughout the day
Ability and willingness to be transparent and open
Blessed with the ability to create well-written poetry and stories
Reflective of situations
Good judge of others’ emotions
Willing to do whatever need a situation calls for, no matter how boring
Interest and ability to retain theology and biblical knowledge
Desire for peace with most friendships
Desire to leave comfort zone for God’s sake

Struggles with anger
Attempts to manipulate others through pity
Lazy – unwilling to get out of bed, procrastinates, avoid work, etc.
Passive aggressive in relationships, tries to avoid confrontation
Lack of confidence, noticeable most often in groups or crowds
Speaks way too fast
Inability to let go of past mistakes and people who have hurt me
Discouraged easily, lets what anyone says to me hurt me
Lack of self control in terms of emotions and eating habits
Envious – often makes way for being judgmental
Often does not know how to express love to those close to me


3 thoughts on “Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Opinion – Help Me??

  1. For the most part, a lot of these topics (i.e. poetry and story talent, avoiding confrontation, etc.) are very subjective. That is, one could argue whether you actually have or don’t have those qualities. And you yourself could argue whether they are bad or good, or how quantitatively bad or good they are. It seems that from what I know of you, your lists are accurate. Keep in mind that most of the topics are mental and emotional, so there is a difficulty for an outside observer like myself in making a judgement on the lists. I can comment and offer advise all day on physical actions and words, but commenting and advising on the mental and emotional instigators of said actions is very tough. And especially since a lot of mental topics listed are invisible; they aren’t observable in either direct or indirect ways.
    So I say this: From the little I know, it is accurate. But try to view the “weaknesses” not necessarily as flaws and bad facets of yourself, but as areas that can, and will, be improved in time and effort. Positive thinking can go a long way even in just mental word choice.

  2. More strengths:
    1) Crazy good math skillz (just like my spelling ones), Miss Accounting major
    2) Very kind and caring towards others
    3) A natural ability to put others at ease by being yourself and allowing them to be themselves too
    4) A good listener who is open to receiving help and advice from others
    5) A gorgeous body, in which resides an even more beautiful heart and mind!
    6) A great sense of humor, and an especial appreciation for sarcasm that I particularly appreciate
    7) A willingness to try new things, especially if it is in the context of where God is leading you
    8) An inspiring God-follower that I am so blessed to know

    …I could go on, but I have so much to do right now! I love you hun! And I miss you!


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