Today I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

And I’m… relieved. I know this sounds weird. Let me explain.

Psoriatic arthritis happens in people with psoriasis. I’ve had psoriasis since I was a little kid. No one ever told us that 30% of people with psoriasis would develop psoriatic arthritis.

So when the doctor told me today, my mom and I literally both gasped. Because we had never heard of such a thing. Then I realized that when the shooting pains in my back began that it was the same time my joints started getting psoriasis. I had never had it anywhere besides my scalp or fingernails. Suddenly it was on my elbow, then elbows and now sometimes even knees (depends the weather). At the same time.

I would have never put the two together in my head but now it all makes sense.

I’m a little scared knowing that because I got it so young, it has a bigger chance of getting worse. I’m a little annoyed that no one told me about this, being as I have had psoriasis since I was like 3. But at the same time, I have so much more calm in my heart that I know I… should? That I know God wouldn’t have let this happened if He couldn’t use it for my good.

So do I know what is going to happen? No. Do I care? A little. But I’m not going to waste my time worrying. God lets bad things happen to His children but He would never let anything happen that CANNOT be used for my good… because I love Him and He promised that. He’ll do it. And I know that.

Sometimes I feel really messed up. But sometimes I know God is doing it for my good. That He has a purpose and a reason and that it WILL glorify Him. That He had chosen ME to have psoriatic arthritis, stuttering and all my emotional problems and family history because it will glorify Him! I just think that’s cool.

I’m not messed up. I’m being used to glorify God. And that’s OK. I trust Him.

Christ didn’t die on a cross to die. He died to rise. He died to glorify God. He died so that our sins would be forever forgiven and that when God looks at us, He sees Christ Jesus. I’m not being tortured to death on a cross. But that was all used to glorify God. So this will too.

So God, thank You for this arthritis. I know You have Your hand on me and that is why I am not worrying because I usually would be. Help me remember this truth and Your word that proves it! You are a Holy God and You love me. Thank You for anything that brings forth Your kingdom! I love You. <3

Do you ever feel messed up, you, who is reading this? Cause you aren’t. You’re being used. And no matter how badly you ache, God is in control and loves you.

PS: DO NOT GOOGLE “psoriatic arthritis” IMAGES IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH. That is all. Love you!


4 thoughts on “Today I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

  1. I love you Jaymie! You are amazing! It’s a big step to let God use you and to be thankful for what He has given you. Be expecting GREAT things during the next year. In Christ, Kathy


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