Keep Walking: A Life of More Than Words

“Whatever those steps we take are, as long as they’re steps towards You”

This was part of Pastor CJ’s closing prayer and for some reason it stopped me.

Everyone is on a different walk. This causes arguments in minor theology and people getting offended. It has to do with people not feeling good enough or others beginning to feel superior as we compare our walk with others.

But as long as the steps are towards Christ, aren’t we going the right direction?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. – Proverbs 3:5-6

Everyone has unique experiences. That sounds corny, but really. Doesn’t that make us who we are?

Lately I have been so forceful about our call to missions. And while I still believe that God DOES call us to take the gospels to ALL nations, not just ours… I’m starting to see it in other ways.

Like the staff at my church. Maybe God wants them to reach all nations in Vista, Oceanside, etc. Our church is hugely white but that call can demand us to reach those who aren’t white or middle class. Make disciples of all nations, not just the one you are. Not just the ones that make us feel comfortable and are the same.

I do, of course, believe that you do not and should not need a “calling” to leave the country, by any means. But if you are married or have other firm responsibilities keeping you in the area – face it, you can’t just hop on a plane and leave for six months. But make huge changes. Don’t you dare sit in your office. Don’t you dare isolate yourself at home. Don’t you dare decide to only love white middle class people with ALL that you are and only love others “deep down in your heart” (aka, without living it out).


Live it out.

Live your life to the absolute fullest of what God has to offer. Take Him up on His offers. Take Him up on open doors. Pray about every decision but don’t forget to act!

You are a child of God. Those around you are waiting for something to believe in. Get up and live it. Act like a child of God. Don’t just feel it, don’t just know it in your heart. Get off your butt and live it.

I know I struggle with that big time. I’m a wordy person and I let that get confused with actions. I talk. A lot. But I don’t… act. I don’t have a servant’s heart – or if I do, my body would rather sit on the couch than listen to it.

You can have an awesome heart – but without actions, what are you? Read the book of James and I think you’ll get me.

The point is – not everyone is going to fly to Peru or Africa. And that’s ok. In fact, that’s GREAT. But walk towards Jesus. And don’t let others intimidate you. Keep walking. No matter where in the world you are, keep walking.


5 thoughts on “Keep Walking: A Life of More Than Words

  1. Beautiful, Jaymie! The church IS heading in the direction of local missions just as you wrote about it. Talk to James if you’re interested. Some really exciting ideas in the works.

  2. We are to walk those ancient paths, the one’s that lead to goodness, but you’re right, all too many times we’d rather walk the path to the television remote, the one that leads to extended rears. Good stuff.


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