We Are A Trophy of God’s Grace

I was once accused of being a trophy girlfriend. I was 15 and was just asked out by a guy friend. His best friend who I knew decently well accused my new boyfriend of just wanting a trophy.

I was more confused than anything else. I knew that the term meant that I was being used so that my boyfriend could show off. I disagreed but at the time I was a bit flattered at the idea of me being pretty enough to be considered a trophy.

So today at a women’s beauty conference they said that we are a “trophy of God’s grace” and that really caught my ear because it was not the first time I have been called a trophy… but I really liked this idea better. And thought about what that means.

That God wants to show off His grace. That’s an interesting thought, right? But it isn’t unusual. I immediately (and quite awkwardly) imagined myself and the other women on the arm of God as He walked us around the town to show us off. Not for our physical appearances but in the changes He made in us spiritually. Like a “look at what I can DO” instead of the usual coined term which is “look at what I can GET”. He wants everyone to see us for what we are, these creatures that turned our back on Him and then what He has done to us when we surrendered to Him! We now lack nothing! We begin to stop begging for the world to define us because God defines us and it radically changes us!

We are called God’s masterpiece (Ephesians 2). That was a big deal/lesson during the conference which did not shock me in any way. But what do artists do with their masterpieces? They don’t hide them away in a room so that no one can see them. They *proudly* display their creation for the world to see!

So yes, we are a trophy of the grace of God. Which is the biggest compliment we can possibly receive. Pretty cool.

Is being called God’s trophy the first time you have been called a trophy? Do you agree with that reasoning? What do you think of it?



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