Am I The Only One Lost?

Do you have to be a member to be enrolled?
Do you have to love Jesus to stand the crowd?
Do you have to sign papers to get to heaven?
Must water cover your face to be friends with God?

We stand so confused, struggling with our reactions
Because the Jesus I know wasn’t taught in Sunday school
But I’ll keep trying to stumble and find my own way
Because none of the paths I’ve heard sound quite right yet

One man is teaching and we’re all listening so
Sometimes I wonder who gave him authority there
Should this not be a group consensus or am I out of line?
For are not all of us equally and differently gifted from God?

I’ll walk into the doors with the sign of the cross
And I’ll try to stand and sit and follow their rules
But I just feel wrong and you’re charging a fee?
To become a member without speaking a word

I’m so sorry that through almost five years I still struggle
It seems like everyone else has their act altogether
So I feel alone at the foot of the cross because
Yeah I got Jesus, but am the only one lost?


One thought on “Am I The Only One Lost?

  1. I was just passing through, and read your post.

    It seems to me that you aren’t lost at all, in fact the way I see it you have been herded or shepherded along a path.
    Maybe your eyes are opening to something new.
    A new way of seeing the world around you.
    Not with blinders made of pages that have been “translated”.


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