That Awkward Blog Where I Compare My Ex-Boyfriend To God?

My mom sent me a text recently asking me if I remembered the time I saved a kitten with its leg caught in a fence. I remembered… but I was not the one that saved it. And as I thought about it, it struck me somewhat of my relationship with God, to some extent.

When I was probably 16, I heard some cat meows coming from outside. Not surprising because of the amount of cats we have around, but it didn’t stop. It kept meowing. It didn’t sound as if it were dying or in pain but it didn’t stop so I went outside to see what was going on. When I walked out onto the street, I saw it. A kitten was hanging from the neighbor’s fence. It was a wooden fence and the kitten’s leg was trapped inbetween two pieces of wood as it hung down, just meowing. It didn’t seem too scared really, maybe a little. Mostly it just looked confused.

Well, I love cats. So I freaked out. I called my mom and nothing. I called my boyfriend at the time who was taking the bus to my house that afternoon. He answered as he was getting off the bus to me screaming and crying. He ran all the way from the bus stop to my house, which isn’t REALLY far but it isn’t exactly a step away. When he got there, he didn’t even catch his breath. I pointed at the cat and he hopped the other fence into my neighbor’s yard without a second thought and ran over to the wooden fence. He carefully lifted the kitten up and out and brought it back over as I calmed down.

And obviously, the kitten reminded me of me when I thought about the story today. Sometimes I make a stupid mistake and try to walk on the fence alone. But I trip or mess up and I hang from my own mistakes, without even realizing the full danger of it. I just… hang there. Confused. A little scared. My friends see me and want to help but they honestly can’t. The cat was probably a little mad at me for not helping, but I just wasn’t smart or strong enough to know what to do in that situation. So I called for help. And that’s what we ask our friends to do in prayer.

Now, I’m a firm believer that God is not 3 blocks away getting off a bus when He hears our calls. He’s right there, at the fence, asking if He can help and we say “No, no, God, I got this. It isn’t that bad”. But the energy and devotion that my then boyfriend put into rescuing a random cat… just … think of it this way. He had no attachment whatsoever to the cat. It was a RANDOM cat. And it’s just a cat. We humans are way better than cats, right? (Ok I know some people disagree but come on and stay with me.)

My point is that God doesn’t have to save us. We’re just humans. No good, foolish humans that are hanging by fences. And we sometimes refuse to see that we even need help.

That’s where I have been lately. I’m just… confused… at how miserable I can be. When somewhere in me, I know it is my own actions that got me here. And God is just waiting to save me, waiting for me to ask. And He will put ALL of His effort into it – He already did. He put Himself in MORE than danger for us.

So much more. Which is what we have Easter to remind us about.

Have you ever needed to be saved from yourself or your own mistakes? Got any junk going on right now? Or are you just excited for Easter? :)


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