My 25 Before 25 List – In Its Entirety

I’m really excited that I finished it but I am also wildly nervous. This means I’m set. This means I have goals. Some of them will be hard, some will be easy. Some of them may not be possible (like learning to ride a longboard? Good luck!).

A bucket list gives no exact ending date. But this does. The date to be completed is December 31, 2015, the last day that I am 24.

I wanted to comment on it so you understand what each one means to me.

1)    read whole bible
This one is pretty obvious. My personal goal at the moment is to read it before January if I go on the YWAM trip that I am looking into (which will also accomplish number 2). I want to be familiar with something that I am telling people is good.
2)    mission trip
Yes, I am actually putting effort into this one. Now… if I don’t do that YWAM trip, I also can mean this to be short-term. I don’t know what God wants but I KNOW He is stirring in my heart to do this, at some point.
3)    watch sunrise
Never really seen one. I’ve been awake for them but I have never really watched it. I’ve always wanted to. I have seen millions of sunsets but never a sunrise.
4)    learn to ski
This one is sad because I have almost done it three times. I decided that it will not happen on a church trip and that I will need to make a day of it with close friends. I really want to learn… just to say I’ve done it.
5)    go to vegas/gamble
Just once. No reason really. :P
6)    graduate college
With an Accounting B.S. degree is how it’s looking. From APU.
7)    go a week without technology (mission trip doesn’t count for this)
I’m a technology freak- ask any of my friends. I want to give this up (without force, hence why I discredit a mission trip). I cannot imagine the things that God can teach me during this week. I have  hard time because using “technology” (i mean no phone or laptop at all) is essential! I need to text people to confirm plans or call someone if I get lost or check my email for work. I’m not sure how I will do this, but I will.
8)    meet shane dawson!
This gets harder and harder every day… as he becomes more popular, I have no idea how I am going to meet him. But even as my mega-crush on him is fading, I still respect and admire him (despite Christian friends telling me not to, haha). He is an amazing human being and I want him to know that I think that.
9)    complete a nanowrimo
HARD. I have no idea howwww haha. 50,000 words in 1 month, if you do not know what Nanowrimo is. To write a novel. I failed epically this year – I got about 4 days done before I stopped.
10)   go on a road trip with at least three states
I need to explore.
11)   watch all of “lord of the rings”
Something that I get lots of negativity for not doing, haha. And I’ll understand a lot more references in the Christian world.
12)   go water skiing
I’m scared to do this one, but it looks so fun. Just to say I’ve done it. Maybe I’ll love it.
13)   donate blood (a fear of mine)
I am terrified of other people’s blood and have refused to donate blood. But it is always a good cause and something that I should just get over and have done, even if I throw up or pass out.
14)   learn to ride a longboard (skateboard)
Good luck to whoever I ask to teach me. I have tried to learn
15)   raise or give $1,000 to human/sex trafficking funds (10/1o00)
Something that rips my heart out. I will keep my progress updated.
16)   take a tennis class
Something I hope to do soon. I don’t really know tennis but it is the ONLY sport with a ball that I have shown any talent whatsoever in.
17)   learn to ride a horse
Stephanie and Jenni can be blamed for this. Stupid horse influences.
18)   visit “Salvation Mountain”
All my friends get to go and I don’t! Jerks.
19)   ride a roller coaster at Mall of America in Minnesota.
Again, to get me to travel. And I get to ride a roller coaster in a mall! The line will probably be intense.
20)   write letters to the following: Shane Dawson, Will Friedle, Mr. Keeping (3/1/11), Mr. Sanchez: Let them know how much they inspire me.
I’ve already written one to Mr. Keeping and he responded saying “This is the nicest letter anyone has ever sent me”. Blew me away. These people have changed my lives and are amazing. I just think that they need to know that and Mr. Keeping’s response totally convinced me that everyone needs to hear it. I see no reason that people do not send letters to him like that every week. He is an inspiring man and the best math teacher I ever had.
21)   go to a random town and stay there for a day or two, pretending to have a different backstory.
This would just be hilarious. And I would like to get away from myself for a day or two, just to see what else the world offers.
22)   go on a picnic with a boy. haha. and by boy i mean young man.
This does not have to be a boyfriend because I have no idea if I will even have a boyfriend in the next five years! I may very well not. It’s just that even with all my begging of my last boyfriend from over 3 years ago, I have never been taken on a picnic (at ALL). And I have always thought it was the most adorable thing EVER.
23)   watch IMDb’s top 100 movies (13/100)
I am ALWAYS out of the loop in movies. Some of these will be painful. Go check out what I have not seen (the link can be accessed through my tumblr if you know it) and let me know if you would like to watch it with me :).
24)   read all of Narnia
Because C.S. Lewis is awesome. And again, I’d like to understand Christian references to this haha.
25)   laugh so hard I cry (4/3/11)
Alright now I know that this is added after I did it but the reason I added it is because it is something that I have always, always wanted. I thought, however, that it was impossible. I am quick to cry when I am hurt or sad or even when my heart is touched, but I have never cried from laughter until Saturday night/Sunday morning at like 2AM on the phone with Serena. I went to feel my eye and sure enough, it was wet. It was an exciting moment for me, even if it seems silly to others.

So there you have it! My 25 List. Thoughts overwhelm me, wondering if it is possible or not…. but it is wonderful to have a completed list of goals to do for the next 5 years! :)

So readers, what is on your bucket list? Or by-this-age-list? Or what do you really just want to do?? Anything on my list or something way more awesome? :) Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “My 25 Before 25 List – In Its Entirety

  1. I’d do a couple with you! BTW, you won’t throw up/pass out when giving blood, just eat and drink water beforehand, and don’t get up really fast! :)

  2. I’m going to give blood tomorrow…if you want to get on this list! haha Also, I would be happy to help you accomplish any of them except 14, because I am extremely uncoordinated, and rather terrified of longboards/ skateboards! haha

  3. As an avid list-maker, may I suggest that you blog a status update on this list every few months? I find it makes me more accountable and keeps me focused.

    (Last week I bought the Chronicles of Narnia for a Christian friend of mine who had mentioned she had never read them. There was no way I was allowing *that* to continue!)


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