Feeling Guilty About Giving Up Soda for Lent?

When I decided to give up soda for Lent, it felt like a cop out. So I tried to Biblicalize it. (That isn’t a word, is it?)

1st Excuse: “I want to take better care of my body”. Ok well day #2 of Lent, I ate 3 different desserts. And I had Starbucks. And I had a lot of french fries. Obviously that is not why I gave up soda.  So that fell through.

2nd Excuse: “I want to take out that type of caffeine and rely on God’s energy!” until I fell asleep while studying and drank a tea latte during Lent. Nope! I’m in college. And I knew that one was B.S. as I was thinking it.

But I did feel moved to give up soda. And I couldn’t figure out why.

Until now.

I was craving soda as I walked into Marketing on Thursday and the guy next to me was just drinking it down. Then we talked about soda in my class. There were PICTURES ON THE POWERPOINT! OF SODA! I’m not making this up. The craving got worse. I was struggling. I’ve never had alcohol or anything, but I was wondering if this was any part of how giving it up felt. I went to Starbucks and got a Passion Iced Tea because I get free refills. I hoped it would satisfy it. It didn’t. I see people holding soda. I stopped seeing couples everywhere and started seeing tasty, watery, soda cups.

I think this has to do with discipline.

Right now, I am SO SO tempted to go buy a soda at McDonalds and sit in the lobby so no one sees me and come back. I am. It feels silly to give up soda anyway, right? I mean everyone tells me that I should INSTEAD give up Facebook or Tumblr or geez Jaymie, anything but soda! That’s so UNGODLY.

But why is it this hard? It matters. I could give up facebook. I could turn it off for 40 days. I could give up my iPhone. But that’s because it isn’t as tempting. I’m around soda everywhere. It sounds silly, I know. But think about that huge lack of self-control.

Because it isn’t about money or being healthy or energy or sleep. It’s about giving something up because God wants me to be more disciplined. It is about doing what He tells me to without asking… even if I already failed at that without asking part.

So readers, what did you give up for Lent? Or add to your life? And why? Leave me a comment! :)


6 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty About Giving Up Soda for Lent?

  1. It doesn’t sound silly to me. Soda used to be all I drank basically. Almost a year ago I decided to give up soda myself and the temptation was almost unbearable at times. I just kept asking God to give me strength and He did so much more for me. A month after I gave it up He healed me of a physical condition I had been dealing with for over a year. If that is what you feel lead to give up then don’t quit God has a purpose for you to do it trust me I know :)

  2. I gave up FB for lent, and I had to delete the bookmark from my web browser and the app from my ipod because I just check it all the time! haha It hasn’t gotten hard yet, but it’s only been a week and I’ll probably be going through withdrawals by the time this is all over. :P You can do it though Jaymie!


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