Who says you’re not good enough?

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me. A part of me knows it stems from my past and another part of me knows that most girls struggle with this. I can’t blame my childhood forever. I just can’t.

When I like a guy, who I am is a lot of what I think about. I judge myself by the standards he might have, standards I create in my head. Often I like guys that I am friends with, so they know my personality pretty well. Focusing on a specific crush that I have, I analyze myself through this filter.

And this was eating at me today: Why am I not good enough?

Seriously. Why did he never like me? What’s wrong with me? What could I change that would make him like me? Should I lose weight? Should I read my Bible more? (Terrible motivation but I’ve thought it!) Should I have more confidence in myself? (Well yeah, but that wouldn’t make him like me.)

I started analyzing this and texted a guy friend or two asking what it was about me that they thought maybe guys didn’t like. One of them made me tell him why I was asking it so I told him about this aforementioned person. He told me to get over the guy, plain and simple. There are other guys out there who will help me get through difficult things and like me. Finally, I got to the core of what I meant. “Not if I’m not good enough” I replied.

Then he asked a question that I’ve never, once, ever, asked myself. “Who says you’re not good enough?”.

It is just hitting me, right now… no one. NO ONE. Just the devil. Just a pathological, pure evil, liar. And even if that was what my dad implied in his actions – no, it is not true; it was because HE did not do his job as a father. Not one guy I have ever liked has looked at me and said “You aren’t good enough, Jaymie. You just aren’t good enough for me”.

Why is this in my head? Because we are humans.

Today’s Ash Wednesday. We remember that we are such huge sinners and the burden of our sin makes us weak. God is our direct access to strength, as He is massive and all-powerful and stronger than ANY force. And the sins that I commit separate me from Him and cause me to open my ears to the devil.

To evil lies.

To anyone is reading this… If anyone ever HAS said that you aren’t good enough, know that you are. That person is missing out on something beautiful if they are willing to hurt you. Walk away from those that hurt you, not towards them. That includes the devil and sin. God loves you, so, so much. Easter is THE time to remember that. There is no greater love and no greater worth than which Christ gives us.

No one can tell me that I’m not good enough with Christ by my side, not even Satan himself. We are made in God’s glory and saved by Christ’s devotion.

I have no idea why we like to hold onto things for so long that hurt us. Ideas that pierce our hearts or a love for an ex-husband that abused us. We are so desperate for someone to say “You are good enough” and there’s Someone SCREAMING it, Someone we can’t hear sometimes.

I am good enough. Not because I wear cute clothes or because I am the perfect person. Not because my hair is long enough or my eyes are green. Not because I agree with what everyone says or scream a girly scream. Not even because I laugh at all someone’s jokes.

I am good enough because I have been redeemed and made new by the blood of Christ and no one can ever tell me otherwise.


6 thoughts on “Who says you’re not good enough?

  1. This should be required reading for every child, teen, and broken human Jaymie.

    I recently suffered a few setbacks in my own life, these last few months. But it’s hearing (and holding onto) simple truths like these that make everything just that much more bearable.

    Keep it coming. :)

  2. I stumbled across your blog after i saw a response to an article on stuffchristianslike.com and i’m so glad I did.
    My whole family my whole life (im 16) has constantly told be by their words and actions that i’m not good enough, especially my dad. I’ve gone to great length to try to make my self good enough, even going to the extent of losing 35 lbs to make myself “better”. Nothing works and I still feel not good enough, especially when it comes to guys and stuff. This blog post really helped me see things more clearly. I will defiantly be printing out this blog post(on bright pink paper:)) and read it ever day.
    Thanks you so much for writing this:)

    • <3333 thank you SO MUCH for this comment. It blew my mind. Even if you never read my response, I just hope you know that you are amazing! I am so, so thankful that God lead you to what you needed to hear and that He put the words in my fingers to say it.
      This is the best comment I have ever received. <3
      You are amazing, Liz. You made my week.


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