APU: Addicted to Advertisement

I am ashamed by how much my school advertises.

Seriously. I go to project free tv, a site where you can watch episodes of television shows or movies through an illegal something or the other (I don’t actually know if it is illegal) and most of the advertisements are just weird (most are actually blocked through our school’s internet) and then I click to watch Friends and BOOM, up pops an APU advertisement. All I honestly want to do is facepalm. A couple reasons:

1. Everyone knows that only bad schools advertise. The more we advertise, the worse we look. They have commercials on TV, billboards, random ads on websites – STOP. Our school isn’t even bad! That’s why I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Someone in the marketing department is spending a lot of money just to make us look bad. Most people hear about APU through others or because, well, it’s a HUGE PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, though often feel “pushed by God” because the commercial won’t stop coming on the TV. Still. No. Unnecessary. Once you have given APU your information, they e-mail you relentlessly. Let’s focus on that. Not putting ads on random sites. I mean, Christian sites I’d understand. But not livejournal! (Yes, I did see one in livejournal).

2. We have TOO MANY STUDENTS and not enough room! This is a big problem at my school right now. We accepted way too many freshman. We have no parking. All the dorms are 3 people. We even ran out of mailboxes. And yet, the massive amounts of advertising are still there! There’s no NEED to advertise! Nope. None at all. Please stop. It’s weird.

That being said, I love APU. I do. I mean, we all love the community… that’s the common answer when you ask why someone chose APU. Seriously. 9.5/10 times they say “I just love the environment/community/feeling/attitude of the people here”. Every. Time. Go poll freshman right now. You’ll see. The other .5 is scholarships.

You don’t have people say “So why did you choose APU?” and they say “Well, I just love their advertisement on livejournal. The really uncomfortable looking student just made me want to come here! And that plain white background with red words?! I now desire to be a graphic design major!”. Nope. Not happening. Although to give credit, our website looks amazing now. I keep wondering who did that.

Here is an example on livejournal… eww…:


3 thoughts on “APU: Addicted to Advertisement

  1. I know what you mean. I think I laughed out loud when I saw an advertisement on DeviantArt– right after I petitioned them to unblock it. Oh APU.
    I wonder why they’re so obsessed?


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