Christians Making Big Choices

I was on the phone with a close friend the other day and I was trying to remind her this simple idea:

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” – Isaiah 30:21

And I decided today to read it in context. The first part of Isaiah 30 is angry at the people for not listening to God or going to God before they made their plans. And then God, being merciful but just, lets them make their own mistakes and then saves them. He saves them. As usual. Anyway, so as they repent and change their ways of sin, He still gives them free choice.

And see, I’m trying to make a choice too. A really, really big choice for the next year and a half of my life. I have not prayed too much about it but I have sought wisdom from peers and teachers. However it is time to pray as it will be for the next couple months. But sometimes God has no “Do this, not that” for us. Sometimes we are left to make our own choices. The cool thing, of course, is that He knows what we are going to choose before we know – but He will use either way. And if we consult God and are living a life free of sin and full of repentance… and God is not making the choice clear… we make our own choice. Does God know it? Yes. Do we choose it? Yes!

What a thought.


See… I thought I had free will about APU but I also knew what God wanted – He wanted me to attend APU. There was no doubt to me what He wanted. This…. big change…. would be… really big. Life-changing, without a doubt. It would anger my mom and cause a lot of problems in my personal life… but it isn’t sinful and it would also glorify God – of course, either of my choices CAN glorify God. Which is what makes it so difficult!

But I know that the verse is still true. Not that I would randomly choose a path and walk with it, but that the Lord knows my plans and has set the path in front of me to walk. If I turn left or right, He will be saying “Yes, this is the way, walk in it”, so long as I am living my life for Him.

God, you are SO good! <3



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