Touchy Touchy!



Sometimes we talk about the 5 love languages … words, time, gifts, service, and touch. At first, we laughed at the idea of touch being one of my love languages – it isn’t. I do not show love through touch. I am anti-touch. When people touch me, I wither in the other direction and try to get away.

Which is weird, you see. Because, not many people in my life were around for this, but when I was in kindergarten, I was a hugger. In fact, I was known for it. Every day after class, I would hug each person and give an especially long hug to the boy I liked. In fact, I was a big hugger all throughout my younger years. I don’t remember when my wariness began.

I have also noticed the extreme affirmation I receive from touch. Like… if I haven’t been hugged in over a couple days – I know. At the same time, I am hyper-aware of someone touching me. The way you would feel if someone tackled you down in a hug? That’s how I feel when someone touches my shoulder. I’m generally uncomfortable around touchy people.

I wonder why. Why does God make us different? Why am I so awful with touch? I know there is this part of me that loves when people play with my hair. But I am hyper-aware of it. I’m like extreme opposites. I NEED touch for survival but it also makes me feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable (see awful picture of me :p).

My “love language” is time, without a doubt. I LOVE spending time with people and that is how I know people like me. I cannot survive on anything else alone – at least a phone call or skyping me… time time time. :)

Am I alone in this touch problem? What do you guys think about touch? I want to know! Or better yet – what is your love language? Words? Time? Gifts? Service? Or Touch?



7 thoughts on “Touchy Touchy!

  1. I’ve taken a couple love language quizzes in the past, and my love language is touch by a landslide. Which is weird, because I have never been a really touchy person. It is, however, overwhelmingly how I feel affection best – but only from those I’m very close with. Otherwise it makes me kind of uncomfortable, haha. My second highest scoring love language was time xD

      • It seems to be that way! And I think there are a ton of reasons God makes us different – it’s just tricky finding the ones that answer our questions xD For example, if you’re looking at careers, it’s a pretty good thing he made us different because I love working with kids but would HATE something like politics. As for the love languages, I think that’s more complex and I don’t really have an answer yet but it’ll be interesting to think about!

  2. I got quality time as the highest, which is really true! I love hanging out with people. I get…aggravated and mergh if I know people are available but I haven’t seen/talked to them for a while, haha. Hanging out with people I loveee definitely makes my day infinitely better! Words of affirmation was a very close second, and it’s also quite true. As much as I feel loved and appreciated when I get to spend time with people, I need to hear that people feel the same way, and even if I dismiss it (um opps..need to work on that…) it does make me feel better about myself when I hear it.

    • You are big on words of affirmation… you get so excited when someone speaks kind words to you. Which is awesome because that’s how I express love :p.


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