Why Big Bang + God = Possible

My astronomy professor taught us about the big bang this semester. He said his goal was not to drive us away from God but perhaps have our past beliefs rethought.

Before I talk about this, let me say something.

I do not believe that just because it is science that it is fact. Measurements, for example, are NEVER exact. They are always different and always changing because our creations are flawed. I believe that science is as fact as many other reasons for believing something. However, it should be considered for sure.

And two, that it is impossible for a finite science and human species to disprove an infinite God. I also do not believe Creation so much, as I will explain, to be a core belief of my faith in Jesus Christ. So I could go either way on this.

The Big Bang and “old earth” also does NOT equal humans are from monkeys. I personally have no understanding as to why people combine these as ones besides that in order to believe we came from monkeys, we must believe that the Earth is very old.

Old Earth: That the earth has been around for 4.5 billion years.
Young Earth: Between 5,700-10,000 years old, Aka: The literal translation of a 6 day creation and counting down the generations through the Bible of the age to determine the age of the world.

My home church, NCCOV, tends to believe in Young Earth, as far as I know. My pastor has preached that he believes when the Bible says “one day” or “forty days” that it MEANS one day or forty days. And while I agree on almost everything my pastor says, I do not agree with this. I believe, however, that it is POSSIBLE, but not likely, ESPECIALLY when it has to do with Creation. ESPECIALLY CREATION.

Why? Well God is creating the universe. Before the Earth was rotating the Sun, how the heck is a day 24 hours? That isn’t really logical. There’s no way to determine a day. PLUS, no one even knew a day was about 24 hours for thousands and thousands of years. Two, I believe that Moses, or whoever wrote the beginning of Genesis, was not going to give us exact times… they wanted to put it in a way that humans could understand and God probably doesn’t care if we believe the Earth is 6,000 or 4 billion years old. He just cares that we know HE created it all.

Anyway, so the reason I am thinking about believing in the BB is that we were talking about how we are an expanding universe… as in, all the galaxies are getting further and further away from each other. From our perspective, they are all going away from us. It is believed the universe is just increasing in size, like bread that has yeast in it… so everything is getting further away. To believe this, it also must be agreed that the galaxies were once much closer together. Possible, even, that they were once all together.
Also, please note, that when the BB was first theorized, atheists hated it. Why? It created a beginning of the universe and they did not want a beginning at the time. If there was a beginning, it meant something started. And since everything cannot come from nothing – well, you’d have to believe that something happened… something as big as the universe (which is infinite).

Now, how do we account for the time between 4.5 billion years ago and then 6,000 years ago when humans first popped up on the Earth? Well that’s why scientists have evolution, yes? People in my class had ideas that God would have created humans right after He created everything else, so the old earth must be false. But why! God created man on day 6 – the last day of Creation.

I mean, it says that God wanted something to rule over – so He had seen that things were not right. Maybe He let it go on for a long, long time (to us, as God is not IN time, He is always). And then on what Moses called “Day 6”, but historians might call “4,000 BC”, God took the dust and created man in His image. Personally, I don’t see why that is hard for Christians to believe.

Now, I understand the argument. “If you can’t take that part literally, then you can say everything is wrong”. No, really, you cannot. I do not believe Moses was a historian… Moses was a murderer, a stutterer, and a human. And while God COULD have given Moses the exact measurements of time – He didn’t. Why? Because it is not a core belief and does not shake my faith either way.

Because no matter what, He has the whole world, the whole universe in the palm of His hand and He LOVES ME! =)

Readers, what do you believe? Do you think I’m a bad Christian for this? Or do you think I’m wrong? Do you, in fact, have evidence that I am wrong? Do you think I am mislead by the world?

Or, if anyone that is not a Christian reads this (what an exciting thought!), I would love to hear your thoughts. Am I wrong?

I think my next blog will be about why I believe that planet Earth could very well be the only planet with life on it, which is counter to what I believed a year ago. Feel free to argue with me on that idea too. :)


4 thoughts on “Why Big Bang + God = Possible

  1. As a fellow follower of Christ I have struggled as well with being able to align my Christian faith with evolution. I went to a private Christian School k-12 and was never fully exposed to an objective look at the evidence for the evolutionary theory. One thing that upsets me looking back on my science classes from high school was that there are a vast number of Christian scientists who fully accept evolution and believe in God, but that fact wasn’t mentioned by any of my science teachers. Unfortunately many Christians, in America particularly, have been raised to reject evolution. What’s ironic is that when Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution many of the proponents of his theory were Christians.

    Something that was freeing for me to hear was that the the Bible is not a science book, but a theological book which reveals the fullness of God through Jesus Christ.

    Here are some links to videos with Christian Scientists, Pastors, and Professors dealing with Science & Faith that you might hopefully enjoy.


    • Thank you for your comment!
      I will look at those.
      I have always believed that animals evolve over time, but not so much that humans evolve from monkeys of any kind.

      About that freeing – isn’t there a quote from Galileo time? Something like – The Bible isn’t a book explaining the heavens – it’s about how to get to Heaven. (and many other theological things, but that would make the quote less catchy)


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