Something Beautiful: Accounting??

This last summer, I volunteered at my church as the secretary person. Actually, they ended up majorly blessing me and loving on me by paying me afterward, but I had no idea until then. But that was seriously one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. Think about that – I ended up getting paid to do something I thought was fun! (Ok, Ok, some of you do that as a living – I’ve never had it before :p)

Actually, I learned something about myself. I learned that I ENJOY working with people! Yes, I did not work with MANY outside people. I did not work with any angry people. And I had a lot of people I knew nearby anyways. But I always thought that I hated working with customers. Why? Well, my stutter of course. That’s why I hated Krikorian. It’s why I loved the courthouse. The less I stutter, the better I feel.

But since I was working at this church, I simply assumed that people were not annoyed at me for my stutter. I was relaxed and therefore stuttered a LOT LESS than I would have, had I not been relaxed. It occurred to me that this is not just true at the church… it’s true all the time. No one (well almost no one) is thinking “wow she’s stupid” when I stutter at work (ok, except maybe the courthouse was understandable for why I didn’t want to call people because I still see my stutter as decently unprofessional).  No one is getting impatient or annoyed (well, I am). AND I LIKE PEOPLE, DANG IT!

My major is accounting. When someone pictures an accountant, they picture some nerdy, pocket protector man hidden away in his cubical. However, I am a people person. When I chose accounting, I thought maybe I was doing it partly so I could hide myself away. But I think… this is odd… but I think God is calling me to use it for the opposite. To use it to help people, to get to know people, to dive into PEOPLE. And I realized how much I ENJOY people this summer at my church (I LOVE my church, just for the record). I love the little old ladies that scurry in and stop in their tracks to realize that I am unfamiliar… and then get to know me!!!!! This is not retail people! There’s no long line of 30 people who want to get their overpriced popcorn, all knowingly being taken advantage of, and hurry into their dark room to watch a movie. There’s honest-to-God LOVING people.

Don’t be mislead – not everyone is amazing as the people at New Community ;) I realize that in my life, with my career, my calling, I will have to deal with some pretty unsightly people, customers, peers. But I used to believe that’s all there was… and perhaps a random old man that makes you laugh… but that’s just the Krikorian. My eyes, or more correctly, my heart was opened to a whole new world of *nice*, *loving* …. I don’t know what to call them? I don’t like the word “customer” (we used it at the courthouse… LOL!) … or even a patron (at the library)… or a “guest” (ugh, Krikorian). Perhaps just a brother. Or a sister. A peer, if you will. What… A… Concept.

And who knows? Maybe my major will change. But maybe God is going to use this for the exact opposite of its stereotype. Personally, I am stoked to find out!

Hey readers! I’m getting pretty desperate for comments :). Why don’t you tell me what God’s doing in your life? Or anything I can blog about? Or pray for (and never include in a blog :p)? :]


One thought on “Something Beautiful: Accounting??

  1. bahahaha! Ok, so this is a few months late….but since I just started reading this last week, I figure you can just give me a break on that!
    YES!!!!!!!!! hahaha I love how we are so on the same page here. I have worked so many customer service jobs that I thought I hated working with people, and that is why Accounting would be good for me because I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time with them. But then I realized that I love getting to know people and find out about them, which is something that you can’t really do in a store where people just want to get in and out! However, I still remember exactly what Mr. Deal said in one of our tax classes last semester. He was telling us a little about one of his clients and he said, “A lot of people will open up to you about their lives because you already know all about their finances. It is a great way that you can minister to people.”
    I hadn’t really thought of Accounting as a ministry before that. But hey, God called me to that and he is going to find a way to use me through it! :) Btw, I love reading what you write. You have a beautiful heart and I love seeing it expressed on paper! I can’t wait for our afternoon together tomorrow. <3


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