Things Dale Taught Me : The Self-Help Book

grad niteIf you know me, then you know I want to write a book.

Problem is, I never know what to write about. Nor do I have the desire to write a novel of 70,000 words. I’m somewhat lazy. But I love coming up with ideas for books.

One of my “silly” ideas is writing a book called “What I learned From Dale” or “Things Dale Taught Me” (no last names of course) because I can remember so much of what his sermons have been on or what he has shown in my life or what our talks have been about. Heck, I even mentioned it in my last blog. My theology really comes from what Dale has taught on, but not in the sense that I just take what he says and I run with it. In the sense that usually I can agree with it biblically speaking.

Anyway, Dale has taught me a lot of what I know. I even use the things he has taught me to filter things that he teaches me. That makes no sense. But it does in my mind. Here is an example of what I would write… it’s something I’ve thought recently about anyway so it works (this is the blog version now, since I added more to it) –

TOPIC: “As you grow closer to God, your prayers become more like His desires”
Dale taught this on a Thursday night when I was in high school. It started off pretty strange. He began with teaching on how ANY time with God is good. This could include (it was high school group, keep in mind) seeing a boy at school and praying that God could hook you up. God would rather us spend that time praying for the boy than just wishing for the boy. And if we continue this time with God, perhaps the prayer will … change. Maybe (well, likely) our prayer will no longer be that Johnny talks to us, but instead that Johnny may find Jesus. Even that Johnny has a good day. Sooner or later, our desires will shift.

What interested me about this was it seemed to contradict a lot of what I had assumed. Such as that I shouldn’t waste God’s time. It instead taught me that we are not wasting God’s time if we are spending it with Him. God can use anything to get closer to us because that is His ultimate goal. It’s why He sent His Only Son to earth to die. To be in our hearts. To love us. So that we may communicate directly with Him.

While Dale’s example was fitted for silly high school girls, it’s so obvious in our adult lives too. For example, lately God has put missionary work on my heart. I thought it was crazy because I have planned my entire life around living in Southern California forever. He worked slowly… He started off with my having a desire to travel. Nature pictures made my heart yearn for more than just the beautiful beaches. Then… I’m not sure what happened. One day I could picture myself living here forever, the next day it was impossible. Suddenly God was letting me realize that I could never be satisfied living in my hometown forever. My heart would constantly be desiring more. It would be restless.

So I was having an extremely stressful week one week. Crying in my car. I was texting one of my friends who has been on a mission trip and he responses something about two of the cities he had heard were beautiful or something. I had stopped crying only moments before and then my heart surged at this text. Literally, excitement filled my chest. I was just BAWLING MY EYES OUT. See, the thing is, God is not going to call us to do something we hate. He prepares our hearts for what we are going to love and the closer I get to God, the more I see how badly I want to live elsewhere. God loves us. He wants good for us. And when we are young and selfish, He wants us to take our desires to Him and He can change it to what is good for us. That boy? Not always good for us… ask any college age or adult woman.

Haha, so that’s an EXAMPLE. Unedited and blogged, of course, but still. Sometimes I seriously feel like I could write a book on what he’s taught me. I would have an entire chapter on humility, as Dale drilled that into us as high schoolers. And I would have a section for “HE IS STRONGER”, since that is written across my old Bible (which is now torn in half in the back seat of my car). How we are God’s chosen and masterpiece (yes, the famous masterpiece sermon). Yeah, Dale is nowhere near perfect. But how cool is that? God can use someone so terribly imperfect (I’m not being mean, he did this to me at our seniors ceremony, the jerk) to teach His awesome word and how to read it. I know now to always read in context. To ask questions. Take things slow. Suggest new Christians to read the Gospels first. Figure out the historical context whenever possible. Do not assume. It seems so basic, but it is so necessary sometimes.

As much as Dale gives me grief sometimes… lol… his energy and teaching (God-given and also of course many other things like the Holy Spirit and such) are what brought me back to youth group. I also realized I have NO PICTURES WITH HIM at church. Just one when he ended up dealing poker at my gradnite at my public high school. WHAT. Yes. Dale. Excellent.

So readers, who inspires you? Or What inspires you? Did you have a good pastor experience? Do you want me to publish this book?

Man, how creeped out would he be if I wrote a book on him? I should do it, just for that.


One thought on “Things Dale Taught Me : The Self-Help Book

  1. “Yeah, Dale is nowhere near perfect. But how cool is that? God can use someone so terribly imperfect (I’m not being mean, he did this to me at our seniors ceremony, the jerk) to teach His awesome word and how to read it. ”

    ROTFL! xD

    Don’t worry, I read the whole thing, this just made me laugh really hard x).

    And yes, you should publish a boooooook! :]


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