A Nice Big Christian School

I often do not feel like I can be the Christian I sometimes desire to be while attending a Christian school. A friend of mine goes to a (very, very different) Christian school as well and he wrote a poem with these lines:

“It’s funny, but at Bible school
it’s not cool to love God.
So it’s easy, I guess,
to hide underneath
the mask and the manners of mere belief.”

I shared this with my roommate who agreed that it really does feel this way. There almost seems to be this epic agreement that “We Are Christians. We are all the same” and no one wants to stand out. No one wants to stand in the middle of their living area screaming “I LOVE JESUS”, though it would make many people smile. While I loved living on campus and hearing worship songs on my room on a Saturday night… there seems to be nothing challenging, which in and of itself is challenging. That does not really make sense, does it? With no one asking questions, we do not grow. Without challenges, we settle. It is easy to have the title of being a Christian without… being a worshiper and follower of Christ.

Recently my Salt Team Rep talked to us about when he was doubting his faith and all this crazy stuff happened to him, including speaking in tongues. He had not been trying or anything; it just happened. I hear about tongues and other of these “crazy” gifts for a while now and I’m becoming more and more curious.

Francis Chan spoke in chapel and was telling us how his family is just getting up and moving to like Asia or something. And everyone keep saying “That’s so crazy!” but he thinks, “Is it? Is it crazy for our God? If we put our lives in the Bible, would it stand out? This is the norm for Him!”. And that has just been stuck in my head. My story is nowhere near Bible worthy and despite the mission trips, I feel like not many people I’ve met here can say different. A one-time mission trip is not a life dedication.

Here’s my question for the day. (Despite the fact that no one reads this haha). Do you believe that God calls everyone? I’ve heard the phrase “Many are called, few are chosen” or things like that and I was wondering what the difference was between the two and what other people thought of that. Leave your responses in the comment section! :)


3 thoughts on “A Nice Big Christian School

  1. I believe every single one of us (believers) are called. As soon as we say “yes” to God, we’re called to do something. Sure, we mostly hear stories and testimonies of brothers and sisters who do, what we consider, amazing feats. Sometimes we don’t hear about the hometown heroes. Some of us are called to stay exactly where we are because God planned for us to be most useful to Him here in Vista. Or Azusa. Or South Africa. Or Florida.

    So I believe everyone is called. As for chosen, yes some people are chosen to go out into the countries and cities of the world.

    We are all one body, but we have many parts. Some of us are called to be knees and elbows. Others are chosen to be noses and ears. No job is more important than the other. We just all need to function to be one body of Christ.

    • Thanks for the comment Serena:)

      Alright, so your thought is that being chosen means going out into parts of the world where they don’t know Jesus maybe? Or like giving your life to missions? Or did I read too into it?

  2. Being chosen means, I think, that we are to share God’s love wherever we are. Not Bible thump on a random person walking down a street, but to demonstrate His live. Some of us are chosen to leave what we know and go somewhere else like Africa or Asia.

    Being chosen and called is not limited to missions, I think, although in a way, as soon as we accept God’s love, a lot of what we do becomes a “mission” to spread His love in a sense.

    Sometimes we’re called to be simply construction workers or some other job (or school, or what have you), but it doesn’t mean that just because we weren’t specifically called to hold the title of “missionary” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop sharing the love of God.

    Does that make more sense?


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