What Is This?

I thought I would use this for more serious blogging. So let this be an about me post.

I am Jaymie Horak. I hate using my last name for things, but perhaps I cannot escape it. I am nineteen years old and a Christian. My goal for this blog is an honest interpretation of my Christian life and lifestyle, hoping to further myself through Biblical passages or topics that may come up in my life. I enjoy blogging and writing, but lately I do not take the time to write out everything God may want me to. I hope one day to write a book but we’ll see where God takes me. I am thoroughly terrified and excited for my life with Him.

At the moment, I go to a Christian University and my major is Accounting. In all honesty – No, I am not sure what I am doing. It is a huge leap of faith for me to go to a school that I could never, in all my wildest dreams, afford. I am single and have been for quite awhile.

I should probably note the controversial blog title I chose. It may change later, sure, but for now I want people to know who I belong to and who I am. I was once trapped by sin and mistakes and pride and shame but was freed from that. Because of that, I have allowed myself to be given the gifts of grace and righteousness, not earned by anything I have done. Jesus on that cross is the perfect depiction of what I deserve, but moreso of His love for me.

I hope that this blog can somehow bless you and I also hope that this blog can somehow bless me. Feel free to leave any type of comment (although I know I currently have no readers) if you decide to follow me (or better yet, walk with me) through this time in my life.

God bless,
His Glorious Daughter, unclean but saved.



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