About Jaymie

I am obsessed with words, people, and television shows. If I have one of those three things at any given time, then I am happy.

Here are the basic facts: My name is Jaymie and I’m 24 years old. I’m a graduate from a Christian university in Southern California. My degree was in Business: Accounting and I am back where I began – born and raised in San Diego county which means, of course, I love warm weather and the beach.

I try to write anything I can – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, this blog, haikus – and I love to read. I could spend hours in bed watching some wonderful television shows or movies. But above all else, I love being with my friends. We can be watching shows on my laptop or we can be grabbing coffee; I’m just happy whenever I’m with someone.

As far as faith goes… I became a Christian when I was 16 years old. Transparency is something I have always desired in my faith as well as my writing and relationships. I am far, far from a perfect person and I am so thankful that real Christianity brings no shame with that fact. After attending Catholic school for nine years growing up, it was nice to see freedom. Truthfully, I want people to know the real Jesus, who came into my heart and swept my unsatisfying life into richness and fullness. He is one cool guy.

The title “Jaymie All Over” is for a few reasons…

1) It’s a song by Mayday Parade. And I like mayday parade.
2) It captures my present. I am ALL OVER the place. My mind is cluttered, I stutter, my desk is messy the day after I clean it. I have so much going on. And I feel like my blog is a picture of that. I don’t exactly have a consistency (except that I hope to somehow glorify God in each post). So that’s part of it.
3) It captures my hopes, dreams and goals for the future. I want to go everywhere. I hope that one day this blog will serve as a purpose of me being LITERALLY all over. Not just in my head.

You can contact me via email jaymiehorak@gmail.com

I invite you to please discuss this with me...

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