Are you a Good Person or do you just feel like one?


Of course, I need to give myself grace. So I have little reminders like this to encourage me to get out of that guilt trap and accept that I can’t save the world. Source

I have a confession for you all: I am a fraud.

In my philosophy class my freshman year of college, my professor talked about how people who want to feel like good people without being good people tend to have all the right “beliefs”. While there’s nothing wrong with having bumper stickers about saving the whales (except that they’re annoying), there are people who can be evil to those around them, but sleep well because they have that bumper sticker on their car. Continue reading

When Evil Prevails

All this being said: there IS good, and friends are part of that.

All this being said: there IS good, and for me – my friends are part of that.

It’s easier to write about struggles after they have happened. We look back and the lessons God was trying to teach us seem obvious (although I wonder if perhaps we are wrong about those sometimes.)

When you’re in the middle of horrible situations… how do you write? How can you speak? When someone asks you, “How’s stuff with God?” and you just shrug?  Continue reading