We’re All Wrong (About Most Things)

Me being a fighter (but not how I mean it)

Verbally, I am a fighter. I can be opinionated, stubborn, and very convincing.

A few weeks ago my friend told me that I am an excellent communicator. I thought… me? The stutterer? The talk-too-much, mumble-like-a-fool, overly-excited stutterer?

Yeah. That one.

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Let Me Tell Your Story


My head said, “That’s an awful picture. Don’t upload that one.” But my heart said, “Yes.”

I can write like the moon can shine.

In other words, I can’t write on my own. I need sunlight in order to shine. I need people, love, and God in order to write.

My questions for you are as follows:
Do you hate/dislike to write?
Are you just NOT a blogger?
But you want to share your story?
You want people to know about you… your struggles… God’s work in your life… or other stuff that relates you?
Do you want to tell everyone how great that week at camp was, how life-changing it was when you were twelve, but can’t find the words to do it when you sit down in front of paper?

This is my new jump. There’s a good chance I’ll fail. But I’m sick of talking about myself all the time. I want to talk about you. I want to tell your story.

If you aren’t sure how that would look, I do some “how they impacted me stories” under the “30 Days” Challenge tag on my sidebar. Clearly, I am doing a poor job at that challenge. But each of those blogs are so important to me.  And they give you an idea about one option for me to write about others.

I figure if I fail at this new idea, it’s a jump worth taking. This is the time to fail! No one reads this blog. Ok, YOU do. But you’re one of a handful.

It’s a little “Chicken soup for the soul,” but hopefully it’ll be different. I’m not sure how. I just don’t want it to be overly “feel good.”

These blogs take longer to write because I need permission to publish facts about people, haha. But excuses excuses.

Fill out the form below if you’re interested. Please be interested. PLEASE. :)

Even if you’re not sure anyone wants to hear it. I’m a firm believer that every single person is interesting. Every single person has a story buried inside them. And people connect in the stories. We connect in the details.

IMG_0087But not everyone enjoys telling the stories in this way. Not everyone enjoys writing.

Tell your story now while you’re excited and passionate. Don’t let your wonderful and beautiful story waste away trapped inside you.

I’ll do one of the following things with your story:
1) Turn it into a blog. If I do this, I will send you the blog before I post it for you to review and make sure you are comfortable with what I am sharing.
2) Use it as inspiration for a book. Not sure if this book would be nonfiction or fiction. But if for some reason I don’t post the blog, I’ll hold onto your story.

Just When You Thought You Knew How To Love…


A progression of friendship, heh

There is nothing more rewarding in this life than relationships – be it friendship, romantic, with Christ. I’ve come to realize that I’m not very good at these things.

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. – C.S. Lewis

In October, I wrote a blog called Loving Isn’t Always Easy. It focused on two things: friends who have struggled to show me love, and a little on marriage. It isn’t that I thought of myself as a friendship expert. But the last few months have shown me that I am no where as clear about my love as I thought I was.

November, December, and January proved to have a lot of problems with friends that I have had great relationships with for years. While it takes two to tango, I certainly could have handled things much better. I would whine a lot. Or I would freak out and stop talking. Either I was texting 20 things a day complaining that someone wasn’t responding, or I wasn’t sending anything at all. I was making a lot of crappy choices. I was a bad friend.

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca 

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