When Evil Prevails

All this being said: there IS good, and friends are part of that.

All this being said: there IS good, and for me – my friends are part of that.

It’s easier to write about struggles after they have happened. We look back and the lessons God was trying to teach us seem obvious (although I wonder if perhaps we are wrong about those sometimes.)

When you’re in the middle of horrible situations… how do you write? How can you speak? When someone asks you, “How’s stuff with God?” and you just shrug?  Continue reading

God in the Harsh Waves

It has been a long time.

Not necessarily since my last blog (though over two months is a long time). Not since the last time I sat down and wrote. But since the last time I actually wanted to write about God.

Whoa, Jaymie – you might say. Are you saying you didn’t want to write about God anytime in the recent past? The reason for your blog? What you have always preached gives you meaning?

Yes, I am. Continue reading

The “Selfie” – Vanity or Healthy?


Recent Selfie (2014)

I am a big proponent of the selfie.

People between the ages of 17-25 are becoming real adults in a very strange point in the world. It’s easy to think of this as true for every generation: we all have something new. This particular age is a generation of kids who grew up as technology grew up, which makes us separate from those who are older and didn’t have cell phones during their teenage years, but separate from those younger who had smartphones when they turn 14.

We are plugged into everything, but also remember life before that. Continue reading